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When We Last Spoke

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From Marci Henna's novel, When We Last Spoke stars Corbin Bernsen, Melissa Gilbert, Chandler Head, Darby Camp, and Academy Award winner Cloris Leachman.

The Movie: About

In 1967, two rambunctious sisters are abandoned and raised by doting grandparents and one wacky great-grandmother in the southern town of Fireside. Humor, heartbreak and triumph are served with whipped cream and lots of local nuts in this heartwarming tale of family, friendship and forgiveness.​

When We Last Spoke was filmed on location in Toccoa, Georgia. The movie was adapted from the book written by Executive Producer, Marci Henna.  It was directed by Joanne Hock (The Ultimate Legacy, Purple Dreams) and produced by Rick Eldridge (The Ultimate Gift, Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius) and Fred Miller (For All Mankind, Angles Sing). 

The film stars Corbin Bernsen (Major League, L.A. Law, Pysch), Melissa Gilbert (Little House on the Prairie), Chandler Head (The Glass Castle, Fosse/Verdon), Darby Camp, (Big Little Lies, The Christmas Chronicles) and Academy Award winner, Cloris Leachman (The Last Picture Show, Young Frankenstein).

When We Last Spoke **Official Trailer**
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The Movie: Trailers
Joanne Hock copy.jpg

Joanne Hock



Rick Eldridge

Executive Producer


Marci Henna

Executive Producer

Jimmy Hager copy.jpg

Jimmy Hager



Fred Miller


Cloris Leachman.jpg

Cloris Leachman


Corbin Bernsen.jpg

Corbin Bernsen


Melissa Gilbert copy.jpg

Melissa Gilbert


Chandler Head.jpg

Chandler Head


Eqz_1g1XUAIV3dJ 2.jpg

Darby Camp


Lacy Camp.jpg

Lacy Camp

Adult Juliet

Alicia Fusting.jpg

Alicia Fusting

Adult Evangeline

Johanna Jowett.jpg

Johanna Jowett


Julia Denton.jpg

Julia Denton

Marguerite Cranbourne

Donny Boaz.jpg

Donny Boaz

James Cranbourne

Jayden Fontaine.jpg

Jayden Fontaine

Nathan Wilcot

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